AC Repair

Marietta Auto AC Repair Services for Fine European Cars

Summer is generally looked forward to, BBQs and vacations, long days and sleepovers. You probably do a lot of traveling during the summer months in your car, and when the temperatures soar, it’s vital to have a car with a functioning, working AC. A malfunctioning AC that doesn’t properly cool your car or simply doesn’t work is a problem nobody wants to have, but unfortunately, it does happen quite frequently. That doesn’t have to cause you to break a sweat—at Rocco’s European Garage, our family-owned and operated business is ready to assist and offer you all the car AC repairs you’ll need if you’re in the Marietta or Atlanta, GA area!

What are Some Common Symptoms?

If you notice a reduced or weaker airflow, there are many possible causes behind this. There may be too much mold or mildew that’s accumulated over time due to the cooling process, making it difficult for air to reach the vents. A hose could have come loose, the most likely target being the blower hose. If one of the seals inside the AC unit has opened up, air flow can be diminished, putting the entire unit at risk of being compromised.

If your AC just isn’t as cold as normal, there could be a freon leak (often caused by a failed seal, hose, or other components.) Other potential causes include a damaged condenser, a failing compressor, a defect motor, or a clogged tube or hose. If a leak develops, your vehicle has a so-called open system, which allows moisture to penetrate and damage different parts of your vehicle.

If your AC starts cool but then warms up, it could be a leak or a blown fuse. It could also be a clogged expansion valve or a defect compressor clutch. And if there’s a smelly, moldy odor when you turn on your AC, it could be that the air cabin filter is old or the unit has a buildup of mold.

Car Air Conditioning Services We Provide

It’s important to stay on top of your car’s air conditioning system to avoid costly repairs down the road. At Rocco’s European Garage, we can do a performance check to make sure that all your units’ parts are working optimally so you don’t have to shell out too much cash later. If you’ve noticed one of the above symptoms, don’t worry—we’ll solve it! We’ll check all the accessible components for any cracks or other types of damage. With a fine eye for detail, we can make sure to keep your system working smoothly by quickly detecting a potential issue, keeping you and your vehicle cool.

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