BMW Brake Service

BMW Brake Service

Your BMW deserves to be serviced by specialists who are passionate about German vehicles. Our ASE certified technicians at Rocco’s European Garage are seasoned BMW experts, and we provide quality service for a fair price. We believe in the importance of full transparency and excellent communication when it comes to parts, labor, and the literal inner-workings of your sophisticated automobile.

Marietta, Roswell, and other metro Atlanta BMW enthusiasts trust our import experts for their BMW’s brake-related preventative maintenance and any necessary repairs. We service all BMW models, including:

  • X3/X5/X6
  • M3/M5/M6
  • Z3/Z4
  • 128i/135i
  • 328i/335i
  • 528i/535i/550i
  • 545i/650i
  • 740i/750i/745Li/750Li


Always With Your Enjoyment and Safety In Mind

Due to the way in which brakes safely stop your BMW, these components have a limited lifespan. Waiting too long between professional inspections leaves you vulnerable to expensive rotor damage or dangerous brake failure. Warning signs include squeaking or grinding noises, burning smells, a squishy feeling in your pedal, shuddering within the steering wheel, and rust debris, among others. Oftentimes, however, these are late warning signs, and sometimes there are no signals whatsoever.

Routine service will increase the longevity of your BMW and optimize your investment. Brake-related services are among the important preventative maintenance that our state-of-the-art garage is proud to provide. Our offerings include:

  • Wheel installation
  • Brake sensors inspection and replacement
  • Pad checks and changes
  • Braking ability assessments
  • Disc installation
  • System cleaning
  • Line checks

Our mechanics never oversell, and we are happy to discuss the benefits of original BMW brake pads and discs versus other quality aftermarket components. We always have the highest level of safety – for both you and your investment – in mind.

Prevent Common BMW Brake Problems and Address Important Recalls

The specialists at Rocco’s European Garage are familiar with your BMW’s brake and related systems, and also any warranties and recalls important to cost-effective service and the safety of your travels. For example, our seasoned mechanics are familiar with the manufacturer’s brake booster defect – the vacuum pump’s oil supply can become interrupted forcing drivers to apply more force to the pedal, and this typically increases stopping distances. Our conscientious mechanics will look for this issue in any 2012-14 320i or 328i, 2013-14 328i xDrive Sports Wagon, 2013-14 X3 xDrive28i, and a handful of other affected models.

As with any car, most malfunctions are more likely to occur in high mileage BMWs. Rocco’s European Garage is aware of common problems, and spotting them early will allow you to enjoy your attractive, high-performance BMW for years to come.

Allow Rocco’s European Garage To Serve You Today

Whether your BMW is brand new or an older classic, you deserve service-oriented attention from experts who are passionate about German vehicle engineering. Allow us the honor of servicing your fine automobile. We are proud to offer the following options and more:

  • BMW brake service and repair
  • BMW fluid leak inspection
  • BMW electrical system troubleshooting
  • BMW suspension and power steering service and repair

Contact our Rocco’s European Garage customer service advisors at 770-795-7575 to schedule an appointment that will be specially tailored to your BMW.