Land Rover Repair Marietta

Land Rover Repair Marietta

Rocco’s European Garage is an independent Land Rover repair facility located in Marietta, Georgia. Our professional, courteous staff is trained to know the intricacies and nuances of working on Land Rover & Range Rover SUVs. We also service and repair a variety of foreign vehicles from makers such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and of course, Land Rover.

As a local independent mechanic, you can expect better prices compared to the same repairs performed at a Land Rover dealer’s service center. Our ASE certified technicians are experienced with Land Rovers including classic Range Rover models, as well as the Defender, Freelander, Discovery, Evoque, Sport, Classic and more. You will get the same professional repairs, at a fraction of the price.


Scheduled Maintenance for Your Land Rover

Land Rovers and Range Rovers are made to take a beating. They are built to withstand the rigors of all driving conditions, whether it is off-roading, long drives across country, or the stop-and-go madness of urban driving in metro Atlanta. They are “gluttons for punishment” and withstand the elements like no other vehicle. But even these rough and tumble SUVs need some TLC, which comes in the form of scheduled maintenance intervals.

Thankfully, it’s easy to remember scheduled maintenance, as modern Land Rovers are equipped with a Service Interval Indicator on the dashboard to inform you when it’s time for a maintenance visit. This indicator may illuminate prior to actually needing the maintenance if you drive the vehicle to extremes. But for the average driver, it is a good notification system.

Land Rover maintenance schedules vary depending on the model and year. Some of these include:

Regardless of the model or year, there are some basic tests and services that are included in most plans. These include oil and fluid changes, tire and suspension reviews, transmission and shifting checks, brake inspections, gear lubing, filter changes, and other tasks. Land Rover recommends changing certain parts among all its models, such as the air filter at 75k miles, pollen filters annually, brake fluid every 3 years, spark plugs every 100k miles, transfer case and locking differential fluids at 75k miles, and new of flexible brake hoses around 70k miles.

We recommend discussing your scheduled maintenance plan with our service advisor at Rocco’s European Garage. We can set a plan that is specific to your Land Rover model and year, as well as your personal driving habits. If you are driving long distances on the interstate, your vehicle will need slightly different service than a Land Rover that’s continually stopping and starting.

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Repairs for Land Rovers

Aside from establishing a comprehensive plan and providing the basic preventative maintenance services, Rocco’s European Garage can also repair your Land Rover with expert care and attention. We offer the full range of diagnostics, utilizing the latest technology to pinpoint the problems within your vehicle with great accuracy. Our garage is stocked with the proper tools to work on these unique vehicles, and our technicians are trained to know the intricacies of Land Rovers. We provide the following Land Rover services and more:

Diagnostic Testing: Let us plug your Land Rover into our Auto Logic diagnostic computer and interpret the error codes. We accurately diagnose problems just as well as the Land Rover dealership.

Computer and Software Updates: There are a variety of internal computer systems within modern Land Rover vehicles, and we are able to update the software and upgrade hardware as necessary.

Climate Control System: Air conditioning, heating, and other climate controls are serviced, maintained and repaired.

Brakes and Suspension: Land Rovers can take a beating, and the quality & condition of shocks, struts, suspension and brakes are integral to keeping these vehicles in tip-top form.

Electrical Systems and Batteries: We service and repair the complex electrical systems that run through the body of these luxury SUVs. Plus, we charge and replace batteries, as well as alternators and other electrical parts.

Transmission and Drivetrain: A broken transmission is one of every vehicle owner’s nightmares, but we are able to diagnose, repair or replace your Land Rover’s transmission. We also provide all services to the drivetrain.

Come Visit Us In Marietta

You will find Rocco’s European Garage just north of Atlanta, in Marietta, Georgia. Our shop is located right outside the 120 Loop, convenient to I-75. We service automobiles across Fulton and Cobb Counties, including Smyrna, Kennesaw, Roswell and Alpharetta. Contact us today for complete Land Rover repair. 770-­795-­7575.