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Mini Cooper Service

The Mini Cooper not only has a unique body that makes it stand out from the crowd, but it also has a unique engine that requires experience and training to repair properly. The technicians at Rocco’s European Garage have the skills to fix these import vehicles, at a lower cost than the Mini dealership.

We have ASE certified and trained technicians that know the intricate workings of a Mini Cooper engine, as well as other European imports such as Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche. The Mini Cooper models we service include the classic Mini Marks, as well as Mini Hatch, Mini Convertible, Mini Clubman, Mini Countryman, Mini Coupe, Mini Roadster and Mini Paceman.


Scheduled Maintenance for Mini Cooper

There are three types of scheduled service recommended by the manufacturer of Mini Coopers. This includes the classic oil change, as well as Inspection I and Inspection II services. The newer models of Mini Coopers are equipped with an internal display on the dashboard that will alert a driver to the service that is required. This handy warning display is located near the speedometer. The display also counts down the number of miles until the next service; and if owners miss a service, it shows them how far they traveled since then in negative miles.

There is a pattern to Mini Cooper services. It starts with an oil change, then Inspection I, then oil change, then Inspection II, and then repeat for the life of the vehicle. These are some of the things you can expect from each service:

Oil Change: Fresh oil, filter, cabin filter, check brakes and rotors, clean contact points, check parking brake, and grease the centering hubs.

Inspection I: Oil change, plus check the transmission fluid, CV joints and boots, fuel tank and lines, struts and shocks, power steering, coolant, filters, battery, and more. Then thoroughly inspect the brakes and pads, connections, lines, hoses, contact points, discs, centering hubs and parking brake linings. Gauge the tire pressure, test the climate control system, and do a computer diagnostics check. See that the instrument panel lights work, wipers and washers, horn and signals. There is also a safety check of the airbags.

Inspection II: This includes all aspects of Inspection I with some additions. Depending on the mileage, it may include inspecting or changing the brake fluid, serpentine belt, coolant, oxygen sensors, spark plugs and air filters.

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Repairs for Mini Coopers

A regular maintenance schedule will help protect your car from engine damage, but not every mechanical issue can be prevented. So when your Mini Cooper is making a strange noise, or the engine isn’t responding as it should, visit Rocco’s European Garage for a complete diagnosis. Here are just some of the repair services we offer:

  • Brake replacement, service and repair
  • Electrical system diagnostics and repair
  • Battery charging or replacement, plus alternator and starter repair
  • Engine diagnostics to determine exact cause of problems via error codes
  • Fluid and leak inspection, including hoses, sealants and more
  • Complete service and repair of climate control system
  • Power steering, shocks, struts and other suspension system service
  • Transmission replacement and repair
  • Warranty and recall work

Independent Service Center for Mini Coopers

Rocco’s European Garage is an independent service center located north of Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia. Our technicians understand European imports, and we pride ourselves on timely service and quality repairs. We serve the Atlanta metro area, and the communities in Fulton and Cobb County. Call us at 770-­795-7575 for service or repair for your Mini Cooper vehicle.