Audi & VW 20k Service

Brakes and Traction Control

  • Check every 20,000 Miles
  • Check for damage and leaks

Data Link Connector

  • Check diagnostic trouble code memory and purge if necessary (where applicable)


  • Vehicle road test: Check braking, kick-down, steering, electrical, heating and ventilation systems, air conditioning and power accessories.
  • Inspect¬†battery

Check electrolyte level & add if necessary

  • Constant Velocity Joint Boot
  • Coolant


  • Fluid – A/T
  • Check for leaks

  • Fluid – Differential
  • Transmission final drive(s) – check lubricant

  • Fluid – M/T
  • Check for leaks

Lighting and Horns

  • Exterior Lights – check, adjust

Manual Transmission/Transaxle

  • Check shift and clutch interlock

Shift Interlock, A/T

  • Check operation including neutral safety switch (where applicable)


  • Check condition and pressure, including spare

Washer Fluid

Lubricate Doors

  • Sunroof / Moonroof
  • Clean rails and lubricate


  • Cabin air filter
  • Dust and pollen filter
  • Engine oil, filter


  • Service reminder indicators